Pamela helped me with my trademark infringement case and I cannot be happier with the results.
I made the mistake of selling some BMW products on eBay as aftermarket products.
It was my first time dealing with a potential lawsuit, and Pamela greatly helped me to reach a successful settlement for much less $ than I anticipated. Pamela was always responsive and available. Her rate is great and she didn't even charge for small things. I will definitely recommend Pamela to anyone that needs legal advice on an intellectual property matter. Thank you Pamela.
Posted By: Ryan
Trademark infringement dispute, LA
I contacted Pamela Koslyn because I am in the final stages before I begin the process of self-publishing a novel I have written. I had concerns about my content and wanted to ensure that I was not leaving myself open to potential litigation after I go to print.
I emailed Pamela and she got back to me right away. I requested a fee quote before I setup the final appointment and what she came back with was, I felt, reasonable.
I made sure that I went over my manuscript chapter by chapter before our meeting, and made notes, so that I would be ready to go over my concerns with her in an organized manner. Always a good idea, when paying by the hour to come in with all your ducks in a row!
She is very easy to sit with and offered not only legal feedback but also commentary on certain aspects of my story, which was not expected but nevertheless was quite nice.
Her style is no-nonsense. She isn't short with you, nor is she warm and fuzzy but for me, this is a temperament I appreciate in an attorney. I definitely feel as if Pamela would step in and protect my best interest and I'm glad to know that I now have an attorney that I can call in the future should I need advice down the line with additional projects or contracts.
Posted By: MJF1969LA
Authorship, LA
I would highly recommend Pamela for any law services. She is smart, well researched, and a thorny negotiator. She surpassed my targets and did so on a concise and speedy timeline. Saw friends in similar cases pay much more for their legal fees and settlements. My mother is a lawyer and was impressed with her skills as well. (via Yelp)
Posted By: Jeff K.
Intellectual property dispute, Manhattan, NY
As a novice who was nervously entering into his first real entertainment contract I feel fortunate to have had Pamela guide the way. She was always totally competent, fair, friendly, concerned, prompt and available. Thank you Pamela.
Posted By: Bob
Intellectual property client
Pamela is 1000%. She is an absolute expert at what she does and gets it done with ZERO drama. Prepare all your facts, contact her, discuss the terms and never look back. If it is doable - it will be done! I have had one terrific experience with Pamela and results could not be more reasonable. Her work is worth every penny of what she charges. Be reasonable and you will be rewarded by her efficiency and expertise at getting it done with the desired results!
Posted By: Rus
Trademark infringement
Ms. Koslyn is a great attorney who helped me on my infringing case. When the case started, I was overseas, she was very accommodating with her time and answered all my questions via emails and phone calls. She replied to my emails around the clock (including nights and weekends). She was able to protect all my rights and able to reduce the settlement. I highly recommend.
Posted By: Wil, a Intellectual Property client
Intellectual Property client
I have known Pamela Koslyn for over 15 years and she is the best attorney I have ever worked with. During that time I have hired her for legal matters involving business contracts, real estate, intellectual property, and financial transactions.
She has a profound understanding of the law and uses her razor-sharp analytical skills to inform, educate and protect her clients. She’s extremely thorough and leaves no loose ends.
I have recommended her several times over the years and have always gotten a big thank you for it. I cannot recommend Pamela enough!!
Posted By: Debt agreements client
Pamela is one of the most brilliant and responsive attorneys I have ever dealt with and she has advised and protected me many times on intellectual property issues in the entertainment business, a particularly strong area of her expertise. I am currently using her again on helping me option a script from a writer on one side and while simultaneously representing me as a producer with a production and sales company on the other side. She is protecting me in ways I hadn't considered even though I have over 30 years experience in the entertainment business, including as a senior major studio executive for almost 20 years, and this is my own area of expertise. I have worked with both studio and independent attorneys throughout my career. I am extremely fortunate that my path has crossed with Pamela's. Additionally, her fast turnaround on comments from both my side and the opposing sides is impressive and comprehensive.
I cannot recommend Pamela strongly enough to anyone who needs serious, conscientious and thorough representation in all areas of entertainment and copyright law.
Posted By: Elyse
Entertainment client, Los Angeles, CA
Very knowledgeable attorney and quick to give appropriate and thoughtful answers.

She was clear and consise and willing to answer my responses. Despite my temper, she was cool headed and informative in every way. I appreciate her thoughtfulness, hard work, and dedication to helping others without compromising the integrity of the law.
Posted By: Lewis
Insightful, incisive, and pleasant. I endorse this lawyer.
Posted By: Alan Harrison
Intellectual property lawyer, Hartford, CT
Attorney Koslyn provides excellent, no-nonsense, practical information in her responses to questions posted on Avvo. Her knowledge and approach to legal issues surely provide her clients with extraordinary value.
Posted By: Daniel Ballard
Intellectual property lawyer, Sacramento, CA
I am an intellectual property attorney in eastern Pennsylvania with 42 years of experience. I have been following Pamela's recent strong of Avvo Answers on the subject of intellectual property. At least 90% of the time, I say to myself, "I wish I'd written that." I suspect that Pamela doesn't sleep but stays at her computer awaiting pertinent questions just so she can answer them. And answer them she does, almost always with a complete legal and factual analysis and practical, real-world suggestions. My hat's off to you. Pamela Koslyn.
Posted By: Gerry Elman
Internet lawyer, Media, PA
Ms. Koslyn's participation on the Avvo Question and Answer feature is stunning in the scope and quality of her contributions. She has a unique ability to cut right to the core of the question and to offer the most straight-forward and understandable answer to even the most impenetrable questions.

She never panders to the questioner's agenda; she never markets her own services. She is a superb resource for the underserved public, and for her colleagues in this profession as well. Her breadth of legal knowledge is stunning. Ms. Koslyn is one of the unique 'voices' that gives substance and value to the Q & A service, and her consistent commitment and participation are in the highest degree of pro bono service. I would proudly recommend her to any of my clients.
Posted By: Christine McCall
Administrative law lawyer, Pasadena, CA
I have read the numerous responses of Ms. Koslyn to Avvo questions and I find her responses to be consistently accurate, informative and professional. Her background is impressive and her comments about the answers of other attorneys have been very polite and informative. One would be very lucky to hire her as an attorney in this community.
Posted By: Michael Doland
Business attorney, Los Angeles, CA
While I do not personally know Ms. Koslyn, I have had the pleasure of interacting with her several times on Avvo in the fields of entertainment and intellectual property law. Ms. Koslyn is not only prolific, but her answers are consistently on-point, correct, well thought out, client-centered, and offer targeted opinions --not generic, broad non-answers masking as advertisements like many other attorneys do.

She obviously is deeply experienced in the California entertainment law field, and were I in need of local counsel in the state, I would not hesitate to contact her as one of my first choices.
Posted By: Daniel Rosenthal
Internet lawyer, DC/MD/No. VA
I endorse this lawyer. She hardly needs more endorsement, but I have been impressed by the clarity of her thinking in matters where we share specialization. If I needed to refer someone to an LA area lawyer it would be to Ms. Koslyn. In fact, I have.
Posted By: Philip Marcus
Trademark lawyer, Laurel, MD
Ms. Koslyn is a great lawyer. As a regular and substantial contributor on Avvo, she's helped hundreds of people with legal issues and consistently provides insightful, concise, and worldly advice. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to professionals and clients in her areas of expertise
Posted By: Hillary Johns
Family Law Attorney, San Diego, CA
The laws of posting certain material on youtube:

Pamela was very quick to respond to a question I need the answer to ASAP. As a researcher sometimes I come across problems that need fast answers I don't have - well, Pamela had the answer and helped me in a pinch. She gave me all the information I needed and more.
Posted By: Erica
A lawyer you can count on....Ms. Koslyn is simply the best. If you are in the LA area are are looking for a fair, intelligent attny - give her a call. A friend of mine referred me to Pamela. I was very happy with her approach and how my case was handled overall.
Posted By: a Copyright client
Ms. Koslyn consistently offers benevolently toned helpful information very swiftly. She has been a great help and is obviously a valuable attorney.
Posted By: Ron Pierce, a Family client
Ms. Koslyn is an excellent attorney. I used her for a debt settlement issue. She was able to successfully negotiate an agreeable offer in timely fashion. She is extremely concientious about keeping her clients informed. I would highly recommend her for her responsiveness and attention to detail. Additionally, she is extremely pleasant to work with.
Posted By: Greg, a Debt Settlement client
Many thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to respond to my claim. Your answer went beyond the call of duty and gave pointers I had never considered. Your cautious approach was truly appreciated. I will do as you suggested, but I feel that going by your assessment it will be prudent to forget the whole thing.
Posted By: George, a Copyright client